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In recent years several of the most important companies in the world have chosen to offshore certain processes that do not represent the principal activity of the company, which, added to the economic crisis and the high competitiveness of the current market, becomes one of the most viable options to ease the internal or external processes of the company. This offshore of services is what we know as outsourcing.

To get the most out of outsourcing, a thorough study must be made about which services would be improved with this system and which is the best company for it, since the workflows will not necessarily be the same and certain differences in processes or work ethics may not integrate well with what we need.

The best strategy is not to immediately outsource everything that is not the core service while focusing the company’s efforts on the latter. It may even be more cost-effective to outsource some core processes to another company. It can also mean a significant increase in quality that will result in a monetary gain for the company.

To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing, here are seven reasons why we consider offshore your business with Admin Ops:

  • Cost reduction: Collaborating with external companies allows you to save expenses and investment in personnel, software, and material, which means better management of the company’s revenue and an increase in the final earnings. Better expense management: Outsourcing allows having a fixed cost of the services to be acquired. This means the company can have a detailed forecast of the costs involved and plan the budget around it.
  • Risk reduction: By hiring a company specialized in service, the risks that the company may incur are reduced, whether physical, human, or technological, due to the handling of processes in which it does not have the necessary experience or economic risks that may occur when making large investments.
  • Quality: The overall quality of services and processes will significantly increase when performed by expert people.
  • Productivity: By working with a specialized company, project times will decrease, since we will not only have the labor of experts, but also it will not be necessary to invest time in hiring, training, and adapting personnel.
  • Innovation: Reducing costs, processes, and times opens the possibility of starting new projects that, before, it would not have been possible to start without a great sacrifice of resources.
  • Always up-to-date with the market: Specialized companies must have state-of-the-art technology to offer the best possible service to their clients. For this reason, the company that counts on its services will receive a state-of-the-art service, updated with the latest advances in the market without having to make constant investments.

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    Coordinador de Marketing


    Pregrado en Marketing, Administración de Empresas, Comunicaciones, Publicidad o carreras relacionadas.
    Mínimo 3 años de experiencia en Marketing y 2 años liderando equipos.
    Inglés: C1


    Horario: lunes a viernes
    Salario: a convenir
    Contrato: término indefinido
    Modalidad: presencial

    Content Creator


    Profesional en comunicación social, audiovisual, periodismo, marketing o áreas afines
    Experiencia mí nima de 1 año
    Inglés: B2


    Horario: lunes a viernes
    Salario: desde $2’800.000
    Contrato: término indefinido
    Modalidad: presencial

    Chat Agent


    Alto nivel de inglés escrito.
    Inglés: B2


    Horario: flexible. 2 días de descanso a la semana
    Salario: desde $2’250.000
    Contrato: obra labor
    Modalidad: presencial por dos meses en Medellín, Colombia. Remoto desde el tercero